List of Transaction Opportunities

If you would like to become a Steward in Possession of a Metamoney Artifact RVU,  I have created a list below of the things I would accept in exchange for a Metamoney Artifact RVU.  I have kept the cost of most of the items between $15 – $50 USD.  This is for two reasons. The first is that we live in a world where numbers is the primary descriptor of value particularly in transaction of goods and services. The second reason being is to create greater flexibility and ease of transaction for those who would like to participate with out a complete Integral Accounting processes.  However, if you are interested I am happy to explore opportunities for transaction through the IA process. Therefore, if you are in possession or have access and the right to transact an item on the list, then we have an opportunity for a transaction and let us move forward and connect.


IA Descriptor Transaction Opportunity
Fine art grade oil paint (colors: lamp black; titanium white; dioxazine purple; paynes grey;) Note: these are the colors I use, however, if you have other colors I am interested in making a transaction.
Access for my work to be shown in an art show or art contest; Terms: must have access to secure a place for my work to be presented in an art show or art contest; must be an appropriate forum for my art work; and must not require any out of pocket costs for me.
Access to a platform to present my work to an engaged audience or network; e.g. a Ted Talk.
Plane Flight to the Bay Area; Note: you may have an abundance of transferable frequent flyer miles that you may loose if you don’t use them; preferred spec (round trip ticket) However, if I am approached by two interested parties then one way will work.

– – Fine art grade gesso; can be acrylic or rabbit skin glue/marble dust.



– Fine art grade paint brushes.



– Fine art grade canvas; linen or cotton: preferred specifications according to how I work; size (1 yard width 48″ or larger); weight (10 lbs or heavier).



– Fine art grade odorless paint thinner; e.g. Weber Odorless Turpanoid.



– Painters panels; preferred specifications according to how I work it can be masonite or low resin wood; size (18″x24″ or larger).