Metamoney Artifact RVU Transactions FAQ

How can I come into possession of a Metamoney Artifact RVU?
If you would like to become a Steward in Possession of an Metamoney Artifact RVU you may contact me and we will work together to seek a transaction that will work for our mutual benefit. Please review the general terms for stewardship and transactions. Further it would be beneficial for you to become acquainted with the Integral Accounting wheel.

What would would you like to receive in exchange for a Metamoney Artifact RVU?
I am looking for transacting the Metamoney Artifact RVU for things that will improve the overall well-being of the self-maintenance and existence of the transacting parties and me. Currently, I am interested in transactions that are aligned with my endeavors as an artist. Examples of these transactions would be for things such as: Commodities – paint, paint mediums, canvas, gesso; Custom & Culture –  publicity, a platform to present my work to an engaged audience or network, cultural events, performances, presentations; Knowledge – a course of specific information or process, a book, a tour, individual consultation; Technology – brushes, use of a printer, use of professional grade camera and lights; Well-being – access to a transaction with a third party that results in the sale of my paintings or a RVU transaction of compounding value. I have created a page of opportunities for transactions where I have listed specific things that I would like to procure. If you find that you are in abundance (note: abundance in Integral Accounting includes unneeded things that a person or community may have in a limited supply) and have the right to transact it please contact me and we may have a transaction. If you, through this list can not see a pathway to a transaction but you have a deep desire to be a steward of a RVU. I am willing to guide you through the process of an Integral Accounting so you can examine the abundance in your life that is transactable. In light of this, we can find where the alignment of a mutually beneficial exchange exist.

Why is the Metamoney Artifact RVU stewarded and not owned?
The Metamoney Artifact RVU is a physical symbol that represents the abundance of innovation and value that has been bestowed to me and enabling me to transact.  Therefore if I was going to draw upon this account and through the transaction of it, that it may look like money, my first concern was to protect the integrity of my intent. This is to share something that I have in abundance in a transaction with another human being for something that they have in abundance. And upon the notion of the reciprocal and mutually beneficial nature of this exchange, I felt a strong desire to want to protect their well-being in case of events such as bankruptcy or divorce that they may lose their liberty to maintain possession of the artifact.  I realized that the integrity of its value was better conveyed through stewardship which would also protect their liberty not to transact.

Can I use money for the transaction of a Metamoney Artifact RVU?
Yes! But I do not suggest this and you will have to seek that transaction through a Steward in Possession willing to pass their stewardship of the artifact. This means both parties will be responsible in reporting the transaction to the Heritable Innovation Trust or the Metamoney Artifact RVU community steward. I do not receive money for the transaction of an RVU. However, if money is something that you have to transact there is nothing wrong with you exchanging your money for something that I am willing to receive for a transaction.

Why would it not be advisable to use money as a means to become a Steward in Possession?
The purpose of the Metamoney Artifact RVU is to exercise bilateral transaction of value exchange across the Integral Accounting wheel without passing through the filter of money. It is the context of the transaction that must be reported to the Heritable Innovation Trust by the stewards when they have engage in transaction of the artifact.  Money will be recorded for the value that is its contextual need. An example would be “Transacted the artifact for money to improve the liquidity of a bank account.” Further the filter of money reduces all value into a linear domain.  This causes clipping in the value of human relationships. Ask a Life insurance actuary to explain to you the number in dollars and how they came up with that value to represent the lives of your loved ones. Do you think you would agree with that number and assessment of value?

Can I seek multiple transactions with you to collect Metamoney Artifact RVUs?
Yes, but not in the same year. The Metamoney Artifact RVU is an exercise in extending  the Well-being of all both parties. I only will engage in one transaction a year with an individual. However, each year I vary the RVU’s standard of aesthetic, at which point I am opened to a new engagement of transaction with that individual. The reason for this is to allow Stewards in Possession the liberty to pursue a transaction in which they can participate in stewarding a RVU with a new standard aesthetic. However, any current Steward is free to engage in a transaction with another Steward to become a Steward in Possession of multiple RVUs of the same aesthetic standard.

What is the Integral Accounting Wheel?
It is a tool used in the Integral Accounting system. It is a wheel that has 6 filter that represent the key principles to account for value exchange. These principles are: Commodity; Custom & Culture; Knowledge; Money; Well-Being.

What is the Integral Accounting System?
The Integral Accounting system is to identify value attributes other than, but also including, money. By assessing and accounting for value as part of a system, we open the possibility to explicitly assess ecosystems for the existence of multiple value sources and seek to understand community values, thereby organizing our endeavors to optimize all value for balanced wealth recognition.

Is the Metamoney Artifact RVU a new form of currency?

No, I consider it to be the inverse of a currency. If you were to think of money as electrons and people as the conduit on which the electrons move, then it would be suggesting that the electrons are the animated element of transaction. In the Metamoney Artifact RVU community, it is the stewards that are the currency and the animated being of transaction. The RVU is only one of the many conduits in which the stewards passover. Money should never control the animation for people to engage in transactions to access their needs that enable  the self maintenance  of their well-being. Unfortunately the Great Depression is an example where this is not true.