Metamoney Artifact RVU

The Metamoney Artifact cannot be explained without telling the story of how it has come into being. This is because it’s value is more than the combined elements of its physical properties, its aesthetic and the ideals it represents. Its existence and memory of transaction are a testament to a working model of value exchange using the principles of Integral Accounting. Unlike conventional money and currency units which, by consensus of culture are relatively absolute, the Metamoney Artifact is an absolutely Relative Value Unit or RVU (pronounced “our view”). Rather than denominating an impulse to conclude and thereby terminate a relationship between transacting parties, it serves as a token of remembrance of the provision and receipt of value. As it can fulfill this function in any environment for any purpose, the RVU places the responsibility of stewardship and remembrance on all parties engaging with it.

The Metamoney Artifact is not a legal tender form of money or currency.

The Metamoney Artifact is a working symbol. It is a gift.

met•a [met-uh]
1. a consciously and playfully self-referential story, conversation, etc.
2. an abstract, high-level analysis or commentary.
mon•ey [muhn-ee]
1. modes of transmitting and recognizing value exchange using physical and virtual surrogates including currency, systems of credit and barter.
2. a temporary unit of stored value.
ar•ti•fact [ahr-tuh-fakt]
1. any object made by human beings, especially with a view to subsequent use.
1821 (artefact) “anything made by human art,” from It. artefatto, from L. arte “by skill” (ablative of ars “art;” see art (n.)) + factum “thing made,” from facere “to make, do” (see factitious). Archaeological application dates from 1890. Artifactual (also artefactual) is recorded from 1950.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

The Metamoney Artifact signifies a bilateral transaction of value exchange across the Integral Accounting wheel. Through participation of both parties the steward in possession of the Metamoney Artifact passes stewardship and the artifact itself and all that it represents, to a new steward. Thus creating a traceable thread of transactions signifying the mutual interest of all parties to build a community to raise the well-being of each participant in the chain.