Aesthetic Standard

The aesthetic standard holds for one year between the yearly equinox of June 21st.
 Each year the aesthetic standard slightly changes to acknowledge an annual shift towards progress. The original standard was executed from 2014 to June 21, 2015 equinox.

The size is approximately 5 by 8 inches in height and width with a depth of approximately 1/8 of an inch thick. The materials used are Masonite board, acrylic paint and epoxy resin. The colors are in the grey scale ranges from black to white and small degrees of warm and cool greys. Obvious chroma values were avoided. The base background color will varying shades of grey and possible mixed white or black. The background may vary in thickness from smooth to impasto style. Techniques that will be used will start with a mechanical geometric base. Layers of acrylic paint will then be applied free hand. Once the painting is finished, the surface is treated with a layer of epoxy resin. Finishes can vary from glossy to a matte finish. Back sides will be treated with white gesso or acrylic paint.

Current Aesthetic Standard Evolution & Change

The current standard was executed June 21, 2016 and will continue through June 21, 2017. This aesthetic standard change is the elimination of the use of grey paint and the copper leaf element. The new Metamoney Artifact RVU aesthetic standard is black and white and a real gold leaf element. Previous aesthetic standards of techniques, materials and size not mentioned here remain in continuum.

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