General Terms for stewardship and transactions of the Metamoney Artifact.

1. A Metamoney Artifact is stewarded, not owned.

2. A Metamoney Artifact is a record of exchanges between community members, not Legal Tender for future public or private indenture.

3. A Metamoney Artifact has value in its community exchange and, as such, cannot be used as an instrument of indenture, debt, credit, collateral or pledge.  Specifically this means that its recipient cannot hypothecate or transfer it without conveyance at liberty.

4. A Metamoney Artifact value is derived from the context of transactions and therefore meant to be transacted.  It is not to be counted.

5. All transaction of the Metamoney Artifact are to be recorded through the Heritable Innovation Trust.

6. The  Metamoney Artifact is only recognized by records of transactions held in the Heritable Innovation Trust.

7. For each Metamoney Artifact transaction, records will be kept of 1.) the names of both parties transacting  stewardship 2.) the date of the transaction 3.) the context in which the things were transacted 4.) and the Integral Accounting properties that were transacted.

8. Stewardship of a Metamoney Artifact is passed through a transaction that utilizes the principles of Integral Accounting which are to be used in the recordation of all exchanges.

9. Both parties transacting the Metamoney Artifact are responsible for reporting the transfer of stewardship.

10. A stewardship can only be held by one natural person.

11. A steward may remain anonymous on the publicly viewable records of transactions.

12. Each steward’s identity in the thread of the Metamoney Artifact record of transactions may be revealed to any current steward in possession.

13. A current steward in possession may be released  from stewardship and must return the Metamoney  Artifact to the Heritable Innovation Trust.

14. The steward in possession is to maintain the integrity and care of the Metamoney Artifact.

15. No person or people are to be exploited through the transaction of a Metamoney Artifact.

16. A steward in possession of one or more Metamoney Artifacts RVUs may convey the option of stewardship to an heir through a last Will and Testament. The heir must execute his or her option of stewardship through the acceptance of the obligations of General Terms for Stewardship and Transaction of the Metamoney Artifact RVU. In the event of any dispute as to the identity of the rightful heir, the estates executor must return the artifact(s) to the Heritable Innovation Trust.