Firefighter • Aquired Structure Burn on Rio No.2 • 2016 • Oil on oak panel 24 x 16 inches (61 x 40.6)
Firefighter • Aquired Structure Burn on Rio No.2 • 2016 • Oil on oak panel 24 x 16 inches (61 x 40.6)

The Firehouse Painting Project is an endeavor to honor the firehouse through my abilities as an artist. In this effort, I am creating a unique oil painting and donating it to each firehouse organization in the County of Albemarle including the Charlottesville Fire Department. Each painting is 24 x 16 inches and  features an engine or emergency apparatus specific to the organization that will house it. My inspiration for this project grew out of my experience from 2012 when I joined the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department and became a firefighter (2012 – 2017). Through my service, I have come to know the value and importance of the firehouse. As a volunteer firefighter, I have worked with both volunteer and career firefighters in Albemarle County and the city of Charlottesville who have increased my understanding of the importance of teamwork and the unifying vision that allows us to work together. Through the Firehouse Painting Project I hope to promote the fellowship of firefighters and first responders.

As a civilian and the artist in residence at M•CAM, I would like to raise a greater public awareness for the emergency service community as a whole. I am fortunate to live the opportunity in which a business returns value to their community through their encouragement and support of the community service efforts of their employees. Though their patronage, M•CAM has been the primary sponsor for this project.

As a community firefighters always remind themselves of there purpose through three incident objectives.  These are: (1) Life safety; (2) incident stabilization; and (3) property conservation.  For firefighters these objectives are a way of life. But as we wait for and alarm, we invert the order in which what we practice first is property conservation. We conserve our property through the maintenance of our firehouses and equipment. This allows us the create a stabilized environment to train so that we have the best chance of life safety when we are called into a situation that is Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) . In our firehouses, we respond to emergency calls, do reports, we train, do chores, host community events, cook, eat, sleep and live. The firehouse is where we foster the community and teamwork that could save your life.

If you find your self with a desire to contribute to Firehouse Painting Project effort, I invite your support through the opportunity of a Metamoney Artifact RVU transaction. For more information please view Metamoney Artifact RVU faq on this website.

Completed Firehouse Paintings